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Our 2-year old Classes

Teaching two-year-olds can be challenging. It requires properly organized classrooms to alleviate potential obstacles. We safely organize our classrooms with clearly established areas, suitable for differing developmental needs. At this age, children still play next to but not necessarily with each other. We give our 2's lots of materials to play with and we watch them closely. We encourage them to respect one another and we help them learn how to share. Our 2's are praised at every opportunity.

Our 3-year old Classes

3-year olds are moving out of babyhood into childhood. They are beginning to be more comfortable spending time away from their parents. They have a rich imagination and love to play.  3's are at the beginning of learning how to get on with others. We help our 3's understand social skills, like sharing and being kind. We create an environment where they feel safe and happy. We teach taking turns while also understanding their need for their own sense of security. The independence of our 3's is encouraged while we are developing their interactions with one other. 

Our 4 & 5-year-old Classes

The four/five-year-old is growing in leaps and bounds. They are more sure of who they are. Their creativity and imagination is growing rapidly. We provide safety and appropriate boundaries in these areas, encouraging and praising their achievements.

During these critical developmental years our 4's and 5's begin to learn to write their names, identify letter sounds, grasp a variety of math concepts, and understand how this knowledge applies to the growing world around them. We embrace all of their kindergarten readiness skills and present them in a hands-on play-based environment to assure they retain a love of learning.  

We offer 3 different schedules to
meet your family's needs: 

HALF DAY PROGRAM HOURS                                 8:30 AM - 1:00 PM

3/4 DAY PROGRAM HOURS                                     7:00 AM - 3:30 PM

FULL DAY PROGRAM HOURS                                  7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Customize your schedule by choosing the
days you want for your child!

Other Enrichment Opportunities We Offer:

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