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Registration and Tuition


Registration and Tuition

Registration Packet

All forms must be filled out prior to your child' first day of enrollment at our preschool. 

To register your child for a future spot, please fill out the attached registration form and return it to the school, along with a $250 registration deposit fee before the your child starts school. We encourage you to come by and meet our adorable students and our loving staff. All are welcome!

(Due to browser constraints please download and print forms for full functionality.)

Registration Form

Identification and Emergency Information

Health History

Parent's Rights

Photographic Release Form

Parent Handbook

Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment

Physician's Report

Personal Rights

Emergency and Earthquake Release Form

Family Information

Tuition Fees

                                FULL DAY                3/4 DAY                         1/2 DAY

                               7am - 6pm          7am - 3:30 pm           8:30am - 1pm


5 DAYS A WEEK          $1450                      $1285                       $1050


4 DAYS A WEEK          $1260                      $1135                       $930


3 DAYS A WEEK           $1075                     $1000                       $795


2 DAYS A WEEK           $850                      $795                        $635

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